From 2011 to May 2016 Jim was CEO and co-founder of Arkivum securing 5 rounds of VC investment and several years of triple-digit growth.    

Arkivum is an innovative, fast growing data archiving provider, specialising in delivering long-term archiving solutions with unique bit level preservation and an unrivalled 100% data integrity guarantee. Arkivum operates in markets that include healthcare, life sciences, higher education, and digital heritage where the common need is to retain and provide access to large volumes of data for multiple decades.    

Having left Biometric Security in the summer of 2010, Jim was asked to create a business plan to support the initial investment in Arkivum and spin the company out from the University of Southampton. The company was formed in early 2011 and since then Jim has led Arkivum to a position of dominance in its chosen markets.    

Jim has taken a hands-on approach at Arkivum, drawing on his technical ability to guide product development and engineering, while using his management skills to deliver the strongest performance from his team.    

During his time as CEO, Jim delivered consistently strong performance, typically achieving 200% to 300% year-on-year growth. Under Jim’s leadership Arkivum won an enviable customer base including 60% of the top UK research universities, Tate Galleries and NY MoMA, the Francis Crick Institute, Sanger and number of NHS Trusts.