In early 2006 Jim secured venture capital investment to develop ikordo an AI-based Natural language virtual assistant designed to take the strain of juggling the schedules of invitees to meetings. As CEO, Jim built the company from scratch, assembling an incredible team and securing 3 rounds of VC investment.    

ikordo provided a unique, highly user-centric approach to solving a complex problem. Using advanced natural language processing to communicate, ikordo worked on the organiser’s behalf to continually search for the optimum date and time. During development and launch Jim maintained a critical balance between company growth and spending constraints, whilst continuing to help guide both the technical development and the go-to-market strategy.    

By early 2008 it had become apparent that there were many unforeseen social interactions in the collaboration workflow. After extensive discussions with investors the decision was taken to move on and Volutio closed its doors in March 2008.