About Me

For most of my career I’ve built VC-funded companies and most recently I served as executive chairman of Zetta Genomics, a spin-out from the University of Cambridge delivering large scale genome data management for precision medicine and life sciences research.

I based my work at Zetta Genomics on the year I spent at Genomics England leading the programme to develop a platform to support researchers from academia and industry in their work with the 100,000 genomes datasets.

Prior to my work at Genomics England I co-founded Arkivum, a spin-out from the University of Southampton delivering digital data preservation solutions that provide safe multi-decade storage for critical data.

My career stretches back to the mid-1970s with the first decade spent working at the forefront of cognitive systems, particularly machine vision and image processing including the early X-Ray brain scanners, and the world’s first number plate recognition system.

The second decade was spent working in large-scale information management. In the mid-90s I co-founded a company working in the pharmaceutical sector that built systems capable of assembling million-page documents for the US FDA. That company grew to over 120 people in the UK, US, Japan and Europe. As CTO I was a board-level director throughout, helping to raise a total of £11M of VC funding with a successful exit in 2003.

In between, I have worked on voice biometrics, knowledge-based scheduling systems, mountain climbing robots and I spent a year rescuing a GIS project at a major UK utility company.

You can explore my career via this website from here or you can view a full CV here

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